Aug 012015

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Tomorrow I’m taking the train to Stockholm to visit my dad for a week. I’m not yet sure what I will
do during the week because dad has decided to keep it a secret and surprise, but I’m planning on
snapping a lot of photographs. Be prepared for a lot of picture heavy posts when I get back home.
Nonetheless, I’m very excited. Going by train to one destination to another has always been something
that I’ve enjoyed. Probably because it is so relaxing, calming and simple. I like to see the different
sceneries that passes by and the different places it stops at. It’s fascinating to me in a odd way, I guess.

These are some of the things I’m taking with me:

  • Camera, of course!
  • A Fredrik Backman book, because I enjoyed A Man Called Ove so much I need to read more of
    his works.
  • Ipod. I did a 11 hour playlist for a 3 hour train trip and I’m pretty sure I’ll only end up listening
    to Vance Joy anyway, haha.
  • Glasses, or else my eyes will slowly die on me throughout the trip.
  • Pens and pencase, because I’m going to try to journal every day.
  • My journal and my poetry book. Can’t really be without them.
  • My swatch watch. I can’t leave my swag at home. (can’t believe I just wrote swag but okay)

Other than that I’m of course taking clothes, shoes, makeup and all that jazz with me, but I thought
it’d be pretty boring to write about and show here. If you want to follow me on my trip, I suggest you
follow me on instagram – julia_ah. I think I’ll post some pics there throughout the week!

Have a lovely weekend and stay positive,

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Jul 272015


”We’ll run away far from here and nothing will ever keep us apart. Just you and me.”

You know when a film is so enchanting that you feel like you are a part of the story.
You know when a film almost makes you feel the physical and mental pain that the characters
are going through. This is one of those films. This is so incredibly well made that it leaves you
both stunned and out of breathe. And it tells such an important story. In Hollywood produced
war films they sometimes romanticize the american point of view. This is at least how I feel.
Because of the fact that this is a polish film and shows the polish point of view during the uprising
1944, it becomes very pure, raw and honest. They are truly showing how it all happened.
The way this is filmed is also beautifully impressive, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.

If you are planning on giving this film a go, I have to warn you that there are some really
horrid and mortifying scenes. Even so, if you are really into WW2 films (like me) I really do
recommend watching this. In all honesty, this might even be the best one I’ve seen yet.

Stay positive,

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Jul 192015

Just about 10 minutes from where I live there’s this beautiful reservation, almost like a sanctuary.
Everything grows freely there, completely untouched and majestic. My family has a tradition to
go there every summer and yesterday, despite the weather, we decided to spend some time there.

IMG_2051 IMG_2060 IMG_2049

As you can see everything is savage and there is truly something so beautiful about letting nature
grow the way it is suppose to grow.

IMG_2052 IMG_2053

I was fully clothed due to the fact that it was extremely windy and by the sea the wind always gets
a lot heavier. But despite that, there something so peaceful about this place.

IMG_2067 IMG_2054

”I want a go kart so I can drive to this place every day”, my brother said when we were on our way
home. I agreed with him quite a lot. (Although driving a go kart would be kind of dangerous.)


Living in that house must be kind of glorious. Waking up to this view every single morning.


My dogs adore this place as much as we do. Especially my oldest dog.


Another thing about this reservation is that there are cows walking around freely. Sometimes you
meet them, sometimes you don’t. And you always have to look out for where you put your feet.
But still, this is by far one of the most beautiful places on earth. At least for me.

Stay positive,

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Jul 192015

This song came to be when I was struggling with my own flaws. I’ve dealt with the struggles
all my life, thinking I wasn’t good enough, beautiful enough, skinny enough etc. It saddens me
to think how bad it used to be and how much hate I felt for my own body. Growing older has
helped. Growing older has taught me that I’m enough, flaws and all. Growing older has taught
me that there is no one I need to impress, except for myself. And I choose to love me. I choose
to accept me. I choose to see the beauty in everything I can see.

In fact I think it is the flaws that makes us truly human and beautiful. It shows us that we have
lived and that we are living, and I wish it wasn’t so hard to embrace it as it somewhat is.

I wrote this song to say that it is okay to be proud of who you are, to feel self-love. It is okay
to love yourself and think that you are beautiful because hey, guess what – you are a masterpiece!
A unique masterpiece that no one else can mimic. You are you. The only you there is.
My goal is for this song to help at least one person out there and make them feel better. Just a little
bit better.

Stay positive,

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Jul 072015

I did it! I finally finished a sketchbook for the first time ever and I did it relatively fast. I started it
at the end of September 2014 and finished it yesterday on July 6th. It’s been a fun ride and a great
way to get myself deeper in to illustrating, which is definitely something that I love to do. It’s a
hobby and something I’ve loved to do as long as I can remember.


Firstly for those who wonder, my sketchbook is a regular black moleskine with ivory sketch pages.
The material I use when illustrating is a mechanical pencil (I find it most comfortable),
Pigma Micron black liners and Pro markers. I sometimes use Copic markers but it’s only on special
occasions since I don’t own that many colors. Yet!


This is literally the first page. I was going through a Gravity Falls phase and watched it every day for an
entire week. I know it’s a kids show but oh, is it funny. I don’t know what it is but Cartoon Network
tend to do really weird shows. Mostly in a good way!


An interpretation of one of my favorite films, Sixteen Candles. Samantha Baker is a character that is
so fun to illustrate due to the fact that she has so many different types of outfits to choose from.
Also, I just love Molly Ringwald in general and I felt she needed a space in this sketchbook.


God Help The Girl. It’s scary cause I can remember the time I sketched this so vividly. I know I had
a fever, it was in November last year and I’d watched lots of film. This one seemed to stuck on me
the most.


Who doesn’t love Zero? Who doesn’t love The Grand Budapest Hotel?
Anything Wes Anderson makes me happy and to tell you the truth, this isn’t the only Wes Anderson
related illustration I’ve made in this sketchbook, hehe.


One of my favorite things to illustrate is portraits (which I think you can obviously tell by the fact
that I only draw faces), and these are inspired by japanese street fashion photographs. I tend to
look for inspiration in old 60’s fashion magazines and Japanese street fashion cause they usually
have the most interesting outfits and looks. I’m very fascinated by humans in general I think, that’s
why I mostly just draw portraits.


Cinderella. I just realised that the ones I’m showing you are mostly portraits of film characters, and
I guess it’s cause it’s what inspires me. I really like to explore how to draw a illustration as close to
the original person as possible, but in my illustration style. It’s always tricky, but a lot of fun!

PicMonkey Collage

I want to end this post by showing you how much my style and technique as developed throughout
the year. I got shocked seeing it myself. Both illustrations are a portrait of Twiggy (whom I
love to draw). The left one is from 2014 and I realise how sloppy and harsh I was on the lining back
then. I made the right one yesterday and by comparing them I feel that I’ve gotten sure now on my
technique and how I want my illustrations to look. I’m no professional and I’m not really trying to
be. I found my love for illustrating when I took an art class in upper secondary school, and since
then it’s become quite important for me.

If you’re thinking about starting to illustrate I truly recommend to get a sketchbook and just draw.
Draw everything and draw a lot. Don’t think about whether it should look perfect or not, just do it
and dig deeper in to it. I have a lot of illustrations in this sketchbook that I’m not that happy about
but I still feel proud of myself for trying out different things and really pushing myself out of the
comfort zone.

Found inspiration around you, look at how other illustrators work and paint (but don’t steal or copy
an idea!!) and practice as much as you can. Don’t forget to enjoy it either. I know I’m no expert, but
I’m just really sharing my personal experiences and tips. One of the most important things is to
enjoy it, if it isn’t the most important even. If you have any question about my illustrating or anything
around illustrating, don’t be afraid to write them in the comments below. I’m thinking about maybe
dedicate a post to illustrating ones in a while, let me know if there’s anything particular you want to
see and read about!

I’ll see you soon, stay positive,

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Jul 062015

IMG_1894 IMG_1890 IMG_1896 IMG_1884 IMG_1883

Hi, yes I know it’s been a while. I’ve been pushing my blog away for some time and when I
finally had inspiration to start blogging again (cause guys I finally got a camera!!!) I fell ill
with some really weird stomach flu. Anyway, as I ”casually” mentioned I got a camera. A
really badass one that can zoom so far I can practically spy on my neighbours if I’d like
(which I don’t) and take sharp, beautiful photographs that I can collect.

Since summer, surprisingly, finally arrived in Sweden I’ve spent quite some time on the balcony.
These are some of the first photos I’ve taken with my new camera. I know it’s quite an odd
set of photos but I was just trying it out, experimenting. It’s really fun and I think I need a lot
more practice. But, I’m truly happy with it and it’s going with me on all my adventures.
Be prepared for a lot more blog post from now on.

I hope you’re having a super duper week.
I’ll see you soon and stay positive,

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Jun 212015

This is the most recent cover I’ve made. I was requested to sing a Ben Howard song quite
some time ago but felt rather discouraged when going through his songs. I felt as though
I wouldn’t do them justice. When I finally found The Wolves I fell instantly and knew that this
would be a great song to experiment with. This is the end result. Recording a new cover after
not doing it for a long time is very strange. What normally would take me a couple of hours, took
me two days. But I did have fun and I do like how it all came out to be. I hope you enjoy this!

Stay positive and be kind,

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Jun 212015

I’ve been trying to write a post plenty of times this week but I can’t seem to come up with
something to write. Neither did I manage to snap that many photographs, only a few. But
as this week has been filled with a lot of thoughts and reminiscing about past memories, I
thought I’d share a few things that has been on my mind.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

  • Summer really has arrived. Although the weather seems to tell the opposite, I do feel
    that it’s really here. Falling asleep to night skies without the night in it is also rather
  • My newest neighbour, a lovely elder lady, she often speaks to me and mum whenever we
    are about to go for a walk. She had a friend over the other day and they were giggling, and
    that made me think of how no matter how old we are, we are always young at heart.


  • My oldest dog is one of my favorite creatures on this planet. He has more personality
    than some people I have met. There is no one else that is more happy to see me, cuddles
    me or comforts me more when I am sad than my dearest Viggo. Sometimes I look at him
    and I ache because of all the love I feel for him.
  • Isn’t it weird how we meet a person one time and then never again?
    Who knows, maybe we pass them by without noticing, maybe they are on the same bus
    or in the same building without us knowing. I think about all the people I’ve met once
    and never again. Some of them made such a big impact on me that I sometimes wonder
    where they are now, wonder what they are doing, what they are experiencing, what they
    are feeling. Wonder if I’ll ever see them again.


  • I’m consuming time with books. All kinds of books. And I realise that my love for
    books has always been there with me. When I was young, 9 or 10 years old, my mum
    and dad used to take me to the library a lot and I remember always having a list with
    me of books I had seen in magazines or other places. And then I would always borrow
    at least 8-10 books and not even really read all of them. I just loved the feeling of being
    able to borrow a story and then return it for someone else to read. (Although, maybe
    I didn’t think in this exact way when I was ten, but I did love stories and I did love the
  • I watched Cinderella this Friday and I thought that the main messages of the film really
    caught me – ”Have courage and be kind”. Although, this might seem as a cliché quote,
    I really think it is that simple – to have courage and be kind.

I know this post was rather different from my others but I don’t really have any interesting to
write about at the moment. A lot of exciting things are yet to come though and so I think I will
get in to writing more here soon. Maybe even with photographs. We’ll see!
I hope you are having a ravishing week and weekend so far.

Stay positive and be kind,

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Jun 142015


”If I peed my pants would you pretend that I just got wet from the rain?”

I know I’m 5 years too late to the party but this film is just pure entertainment.
Wonderful casting, amazingly edited and hilarious dialogues. When I say hilarious,
I really mean hilarious. Some of the scenes in this made me literally laugh so loud
my family came in to my room asking what I was doing. I also honestly didn’t think
I would like it as much as I did. It really took me by surprised. Such a gem!
If you haven’t seen it yet, do it now and be late to the party with me.

See you soon and stay positive,

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Jun 052015

You know when that feeling when find a band and you fall in love with them instantly and
they become your little treasure. Well, Kodaline is that band for me. They are an Irish indie-rock
band that I found out about in 2013 when they released their debut single, and ever since then
they’ve become very important to me. Whenever I need to be cheered up, lifted up or encouraged,
I turned to their music. And in all honesty, I feel that there’s no other band that touches my heart
as much as these lads do. They are just so much more than a band.

Today they released two live sessions on their youtube channel and I just instantly felt that I
needed to talk about them on my blog. Because Kodaline is that kind of band that is wonderful
digitally, on a record, but FANTASTIC and rather brilliant live. This song is called ”Ready” and
is one of my favorite tracks from their recent album ”Coming up for air”. It’s definitely a song
that encourages me to just get out and seek adventures.

This song gives me goose-pimples every time I hear it, and I swear that this is the 50th time
I’ve listened to it since the album came out. I even know it by heart, and it’s definitely such a
marvelous love song.

For me, Kodaline is the kind of band I found right when I needed to and ever since then their
music has helped me through so many hardships and joys. My goal is to see them live one day
and maybe even get the chance to tell them how much I appreciate and support their music.
If you haven’t heard their music yet, you definitely should check them out. I swear, there’s not
one single bad song on their albums.

Overall, my online course ended today and my ”holiday” has officially started. I’m so proud of
myself for getting through it even if I wanted to give up a couple of times. Now I’m ”ready” (get it?!)
to make the best out of this summer and just enjoy every bit of it.

Stay positive,

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