Feb 152015

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I experimented with mom’s old camera that I inherited and this is how it turned out. Also,
tulips are beautiful and they really make our home even prettier that it already is.

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Feb 152015

”Best job I’ve ever had.”

I’ve seen a lot of WWII films but let me tell you something, this is nothing like the
rest. Some might not agree with me, but I think this is one of the best WWII films there is.
Beautiful casting. All of the actors are incredibly invested in the story, you really notice that.
I used to feel ”bleh” towards Brad Pitt many years ago, but he sort of took my heart after
”Inglorious Basterds” and now I just love him. Let me not even start talking about Logan Lerman
and Shia Labeouf, cause then this post would never end.

I don’t want to say too much about this cause I feel that you get the best experience with it if you
jump into it not knowing much. But I can tell you that it is intense, brutal and utterly honest.
It is by far one of the best films I’ve seen so far this year (yeah I know I’m so slow considering
this is a film from last year) and it’s definitely worthy of 5 stars.

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Feb 152015

Hi lovelies!
As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I gave mom tickets to a musical for christmas
and the day had finally come to see it. Oh, what I had been waiting. I ordered the tickets in
November last year and we went on mom’s birthday which was this Tuesday (february 10th),
so you can understand the eager and excitement I’ve been feeling. I thought I’d share some
photos from the day.

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Mom and I waiting for the bus to arrive. Isn’t she beautiful? And yes, I am very tall.

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The beautiful view of the opera. I regret not photographing the glorious harbour just beside it
but I was too busy with getting inside.

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The building in itself is very majestic and even though it’s my fourth time coming there, it never
fails to give me that magical feeling inside.

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The information book and a bonus book mom bought filled with all the song lyrics.
I was ecstatic to go through it later and sing the songs once again.

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It says ” first balcony” for those who wonder. We had wonderful seats (although I wish we
could have been seated at the very front, all the musical actors/actresses were so beautiful, hihi)

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And last but not least, the musical arena. That’s about the photos I took. It’s forbidden to take
photographs during the show so of course I followed that rule and also, let’s face it, no one wants
to experience a musical through a camera lens.

The musical in itself was beyond words. I had goose-pimples even before they had put up the
curtain cause the music is so magical. There’s something special about orchestral music.
And the musical artists. Their voices. The scenery and costumes. The story. I just fell madly in love.
Mom did too. We even jokingly looked for new tickets (it’s playing till May) to watch it again, but
the tickets are rather expensive (insert very sad face here). Not only did we want to watch it again,
mom and I have been driving the rest of our family mad by singing the songs 24 hours of the day.
Almost. Well, you can guess that we have to when the songs are on repeat in our heads.
I’ve even tried to listen to other songs just to get rid of the musical ones, but it doesn’t work, haha.
And now I also learned how to play some of them on ukulele so I guess I’ll never get rid of them.

I hope your week and weekend has been great so far. I sure did!
See you soon and stay positive!

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Feb 132015


When you’re in a battle with an enemy that’s so much bigger, so much stronger than you,
to find out you had a friend you never knew existed..
well that’s the best feeling in the world.”

This is such an important film in so many ways, and before I even start to tell you
what I thought, you need to go and watch it. The whole world needs to see it.
This films doesn’t only tell us about the cruelness towards homosexuals in the 80s
and their struggles to be accepted, it also displays what it is to help others in need no
matter how hard you have it and to finally accept one another for who we are.

This is definitely in our society still. We need to allow each other to be who
we truly are. We need to allow each other to be humans. We need to accept each other
for what we are. We need to see each other as one team no matter color, sexual orientation,
appearance, race and so on. We need to do all of this and we need to do it with kindness and love.

Not only do I love this film in general, I think the choosing of the cast is brilliant. I barley
recognized Ben Schnetzer (who was Max in The Book Theif) but he was fabulous. I just love
all of the actors and actresses. It was witty, sad, brutal and brilliant.
The clothes, the colors scheme, the music, the nature. I wantedto go to England badly before
watching this, but now I’m exploding, haha. I’ve just fallen in love with British actors, nature,
films, series, all of it. Oh, this was just glorious.

Stay positive everybody!

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Feb 092015

Happy Monday lovelies!
I hope you’re doing well and that you are feeling positive. I’m here to sum up what happened last
week. I thought that posts like these are quite fun. It would also challenge me to take
photographs throughout the week, which I promised myself I’d do more. I inherited (really wanted to
use that word, hehe) mum’s old camera and I’m eager to start using it. My pictures will be in a lot
better quality from now on, or at least when I pick up the camera and not my phone.
Let’s begin shall we!

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There hasn’t been much sun lately because of the winter time but last week it did come through
and the lighting in my room was so beautiful I had to capture it.

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If you follow me on instagram (@julia_ah) you have already seen this picture, but for those
who haven’t, let me tell you the story behind it. I finished drinking my tea and then I left the
mug at the dishwasher so that I could clean it later. When I came back to actually do the
cleaning, I saw this. A boy in my mug. I literally almost weeped and screamed. Mum started saying
it was a sign and my sister jokingly said ”This is when you become religious, and says it’s God.”
Nevertheless, it was probably one of the most fascinating things that’s ever happened to me.

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And then we arrive at my birthday – February 7th. I had the loveliest breakfast in bed which you
can see. It might seem plain to some, but to me this is a heavenly breakfast. Greek yoghurt, whipped
cream, vanilla extract, strawberries and sliced almonds. It’s a very healthy one, because I’m a healthy
junky, but it is the best. I eat it almost everyday.

My birthday was happy. I got to be around my family, I got to eat wonderful food and I felt happy,
which is something I’m aiming for this year. Happiness. Also, of course I got beautiful gifts that I’m
utterly thankful for.

PicMonkey Collage

Here is when I tried to take a crazy, and happy, selfie for instagram and it resulted in hundred
photos with silly faces. These were my favorites and the ones I didn’t delete.

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Last but not least – my birthday outfit. Now let me tell you, I’m not a pink kind of girl. I lean more
towards blue and red, and prefer to wear those colors more, but sometimes that inner pink girl
pops out and outfits like these get born. It’s very causal but still fancy enough for a birthday dinner.
It also matched my Swatch clock beautifully and that made me very happy.

These are really all the photos I snapped last week. Not much but enough to tell some stories.
I’d really try my hardest to get back to capturing moments like I used to. I guess I lack the motivation
at times when I just sit at home in my pajamas. But let’s do this now.

I wish you all a great week and I’ll be back soon. Stay positive!

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Feb 022015

Oh, I totally forgot to post this. Last week I left another cover on my youtube.
Kodaline has been my favorite band since I first heard their debut single last year
and in some sort of way I’ve really wanted to record a song of their’s but never had the
guts too. Their songs are incredibly dear to me, they sort of touch me in a way that no
other music really touch me and I guess that’s why I’ve been scared to cover any of their

However, they recently released a few new songs (which are amazing and you should all go
and check them out nonetheless on youtube) and I just had put my foot down and started planning
how to make this song, ”Unclear”, in to my own. And this is the result. I like it and I’m
proud of it, however the sound is very low in some headphones I’ve noticed and I wished the
lighting was better in the video. But oh well, I hope you all enjoy and like it!

Stay Positive!

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Feb 022015


January was a good and quick month with some nice opportunities. I got to work on two
music projects, which was super exciting and something I truly want to do more and more.
I’ve also gotten even more healthier, exercising everyday (almost) and accomplished to get
more creative and do things I truly love. My soul is happier and I definitely feel less burden.
How was your January? Good? Bad? Did something new happen? I’d love to read about it!

What is left now is to welcome February, a month filled with quite a lot to look forward to. At least
for me, hihi. On Saturday (February 7th) I’m turning twenty-one. Thinking about it, it feels like my
birthday was ages ago, and it kind of was, but last year was such a strange kind of birthday.
I was busy with acting in a musical and reality was kind of a blur, and I didn’t have time to celebrate
with my loved ones due to the late schedule. BUT, this year I’m very excited. No busy schedule and I
get to celebrate it with my family.

The week after that I’m going to watch a musical with mother for her birthday. I bought tickets for it
in November last year and I’ve been waiting eagerly for time to pass. I’ll be sure to take a lot of photos.
Maybe I should have that as a goal this month, to photograph much more. Yes, let’s do that!

Over all, let’s hope February is a great and happy month, and let’s take care of each other.
See you soon and remember, stay positive!

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Jan 282015

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Hi lovelies!
I just wanted to show you a sneak-peak of my two new shirts. The reason why I call it a sneak peak
is because it’s really hard to show what they look like without putting them on, and I’m being lazy, hehe.

Anyhow, I hardly ever buy shirts cause as you should know by know, I’m a dress hoarder and dresses
are basically the only thing I find comfortable. I got these two lovelies cause I was in need to pair
something with my lonely skirts who only seem to hang on my hangers instead of getting worn. Both
of  them are from H&M if anyone wonders. Great and cosy materials on both of them!

In all honestly though, I tried them on and I love them but I realize how much I do love wearing dresses
(and pajamas) over anything else. I’ve tried converting myself in to wearing skirts more often before
but it never turn out well. I guess I’m just gonna be a dress girl/woman for the rest of my life and that’s it.

I hope you all are having a great week so far. Mine’s pretty calm and that’s rather nice. Next week
is my birthday week plus more school assignments, plus I’m going to the optician to get my eyes
checked cause they haven’t been feeling well the past months. So I’ll guess it will be a little more busy,
but I like that too. I’ll try to update with new post soon, take care and Stay Positive!

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Jan 212015

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The other day my best friend recommended me to watch the documentary ”Finding Vivian Maier”.
She told me about the fact that a man had found old photos and she thought it would interest
me since I really love things from way back. I therefore had know idea who she was.

Throughout the entire documentary I was stunned, speechless and I had goose-pimples everywhere.
Vivian was such a peculiar person. Mysterious, strange but also utterly brilliant. Her sense for
photography is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. They inspire me. My favorites are the ones
you see, especially the one with the woman in the dress. I believe I’ve stubbled upon that picture
a lot of times, but I had no idea it was Vivian.

I’m even thinking about taking photography more seriously now. I mean, I sort of already do,
but mum said I could take her old camera and we are already making plans on going out and taking
different photographs. I’m very excited. I’ll probably post the results here.

If you haven’t seen the documentary yet, I really encourage you too. It is amazing and inspiring,
and definitely one of the best documentaries I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. So go, go, go!

I hope all is well, see you soon and stay positive!

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Jan 192015

My first cover of 2015. I have some really nice songs in store to cover and I’m overly
excited about it, but I thought a really good start would be this one. It is pretty,
romantic, cute and short. Almost too short if you ask me. I fell in love with it
when I saw ”God Help the Girl” and sort of couldn’t get it out of my mind.

I picked up my old ukulele for this though. I felt it would give it a more neater sound,
it would add to the cuteness of the song. And also, I really missed my old ukulele!

I hope you all enjoy it and I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. I
wish you a wonderful and happy week, and I’ll see you soon. Stay positive!

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