Sep 202014


As promised, here are two pictures of my latest addition to my dress collection. It was a gift from my mother, and
probably one of the loveliest dresses I own. I know I do say that about all my dresses, but hey I just love them all
okay. I wore it yesterday for a reunion with some of my old classmates. I love how it is casual yet elegant in a way. It
makes it so appropriate for different occasions. And the pattern is rather glorious, isn’t it?
That’s really all I have to say. I’m glad it’s weekend already and that I can just do what I feel like. I’m planning on
spending the rest of the day watching Studio Ghibli films and paint. How are you spending you weekend?

See you soon and stay grand!


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Sep 162014


” – Why would a man leave his apartment three times on a rainy
night with a suitcase and 
come back three times? 
- He likes the way his wife welcomes him home.”

I saw this film about three weeks ago. I got interested in it after seeing some pictures of it on
tumblr and I realized afterwards that it’s actually a Alfred Hitchcock film. I’ve had a few Hitchcock
films on my list because I feel that they are sort of classical and needs to be seen, and I really have to
admit that I haven’t had much expectations on his films at all. But this, this took me by storm.
I was drawn all the way from the beginning to the end and I swear that if anyone would have spoken with
me during my time watching this, I probably wouldn’t have listened.

The way it is made is rather marvelous and magical. You fall in love with (almost!) every individual
character and I feel that you can even relate to some of them as well. I’ve seen one film with Grace Kelly
before, and it was High Society. I did like her a lot in it but never really felt like she made a big imprint on
me like Audrey Hepburn has. But after this film, she has just suddenly become one of my inspirations. All of a
sudden I want to watch all of her films. James Stewart was also remarkable. It’s hard to explain but I
really just love this film a lot. It might even be one of my favorite old Hollywood films out there.

If you haven’t seen it, you definitely should!

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Sep 162014

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This is some of the photos I snapped this weekend while driving in to town to do some local grocery shopping.
Last week was a long week, a lot of hours spent on school work and stress, so I decided that during this weekend I
needed to take care of myself and not spend any more hours overthinking stuff.
The sky was glorious, almost enchanting. If I had the choice to be anything else on this planet for just one day, I’d
like to be a part of the sky. It would be such a beautiful and incredible thing to be a part of, don’t you think?

Another thing that I’m slowly falling in love with at the moment is Vance Joy and his amazing music. Every song he
has speaks to me in a way or another, and his latest album has become my current obsession. If there’s anything I’ve
been listening to non stop, it’s that album. I even fell asleep with it playing in my ears last night.
I’ve been thinking that maybe I should start another theme on my blog involving music, and so I think I’m gonna
start with a weekly music post where I make a list of my current favorite songs, or albums. I am after all a music
maniac and I want my blog to be more about it.

I also have realised that I haven’t made a post about the dress I’m wearing in these pictures yet, and I should
because it’s one glorious dress. I’m just filling my dress collection with more and more dresses and it makes me
so ecstatic and happy, even if it might not be so good for my wallet.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far, and remember – Stay grand!


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Sep 152014

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I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I’ve fallen in love with baking, especially healthy treats. The latest thing
that I baked, that I’m also really proud of, is this healthy apple pie. The ingredients are actually really easy and it
only took 15 minutes to make. All you need is:

– Two apples
– 50 g butter
– 3 dl coconut flakes
– 1 egg
– 1/2 teaspoon real vanilla

That’s all you need, and a oven of course. I really recommend this, it’s super delicious!
Stay grand!

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Sep 072014

Lately, people have been asking me about my original songs and when I will upload them on my youtube.
I have to admit, I’ve been quite scared of sharing my original song because they are very dear to me and sometimes
I don’t feel like my songs has the quality that I’d like them to have. I’m still sort of new to the whole writing my own

This song however is the first one I’ve uploaded on my youtube so far. I wrote it one night after listening to Chet Baker
(one of my favorite jazzartists) for hours and was feeling gloomy. I love jazz and how it reflects so many feelings and
stories, and I really wanted to make this song have that jazz feeling to it.

The lyrics can really be put whoever the listener pleases, but for me the lyrics are about a person who used to admire
someone very much but suddenly that someone disappears. Not necessarily literally. The person is still there but
stop looking your way or saying hi, or hugging you when that person used to. Of course it’s from own experience.
I’ve been through a lot of one sided love in my days and most of my songs reflect that. I think this song just takes it
to a rather deeper level and I sort of wrote it to let go of an old crush I had not so long ago.

Anyhow, I really hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below or on youtube.

Stay grand and I’ll see you soon!

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Sep 062014

- Why couldn’t God make me Elvis?
- Cause he was saving you for John Lennon.

Even though I’ve been caught up in school work and other things I still manage to find time to
watch a film or two each week, just so that I can finish my film list before the end of this year.
I have quite a lot of posts like this to write but I felt like posting them all at once would be rather
boring, so let’s start with this one.

I’ve heard quite a lot about this film, not so much that it actually made me want to watch it right
ahead. I didn’t really expect much, I just knew that it was a film about John Lennon and a part of
his life. Before the film I was a Beatles listener, I have a few of their songs on my ipod and I listen
to them once in a while but I cannot say that I had fallen that deeply in love with them until I actually
watched this and now a lot of their songs has more meaning to me than they had before.
I have always loved the song ”Julia”, mostly because, well it’s my name and who doesn’t like a song
with their name in it, but also because I now sort of know the real purpose of the song.

I’ve always kind of liked Paul most of all the Beatles members, as well as Ringo’s humor but I have
to admit I never really got so in to John and I really don’t know why. This film sort of changed that though.
Of course this film might not show the actual truth and has its own interpretation of what he might have
been like, but still, my feelings changed a lot after this and I found myself listen to their songs a lot more
now. If you haven’t seen this yet, you really should. I’m madly in love with the fashion in this film and
the music of course. But the film takes part around 1950’s, so that tells a lot. Also, I have to say that
Aaron, who plays the main character as John Lennon, looks extremely good on ”Greaser” fashion, or
should just say 50’s fashion, hihi.

This film is really great in a lot of ways and I have to say that I sat throughout the whole film in some
sort of coma and all I could focus on was to watch. That’s how much I like it. So go and check it out!

If you want to know more about the film, go here. 

Stay grand and I see you soon!

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Sep 012014

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Jag tänker skriva på både svenska och engelska i detta inlägg för det är något som är så himla viktigt och
betyder så mycket för mig. I lördags tog jag emot ett stipendium från Nicklas Hockers musikfond. Fonden är
till för att uppmuntra unga musiker att fortsätta med musiken och aldrig ge upp, och genom att söka till fonden
kan man även få lite hjälp på vägen. Uppmuntran och motivation. Fonden skapades av Nicklas underbara och
oerhört fina föräldrar efter att Nicklas gick bort för två år sedan. Nicklas var själv musiker och en otroligt duktig
sådan som ville att alla skulle få ta del av musiken och lyckas med det dem vill. Jag kan inte ens beskriva i ord vilken
ära det var att ta emot stipendiet i lördags.

Att bli hedrad eller får komplimanger för det man gör är viktigt, det behöver alla människor för att orka fortsätta
skapa och vara motiverad. Därför vill jag tack Nicklas familj och de som valde ut mig, för detta är definitivt det
finaste jag vunnit i hela mitt liv. Om du är under 20 år och musiker så uppmanar jag dig att söka till fonden och
likaså uppmanar jag människor att skänka till fonden. Mer information hittar ni här.

Jag hade en oförglömlig lördag. En sådan som fyllde hjärtat med alla känslor som man behöver på en gång och
nu sitter mitt stipendium på min anslagstavla som motivation till att jag ska fortsätta kämpa och aldrig ge upp.


I’m writing this post in both english and swedish because it is a very important post for me. In the beginning of
this summer I applied for a swedish music fund called ”Nicklas Hocker’s music fund” and about two weeks ago
a woman called me telling me a was one of the people who won. This saturday I received my award, and I have
never felt more honored in my life. Nicklas Hocker’s music fund was created by Nicklas Hocker’s parents after
he passed away two years ago. Nicklas himself was an incredible musician who wanted everyone to enjoy music
and follow their dreams. 
They created it to encourage young people to continue with music and continue

their path towards pursuing their dreams.  

For a person like me who loves and adore music from the bottom of my heart, this was incredibly amazing and flattering, 
and words can’t describe what I feel. To be honored and get compliments for what you do is really important, 
we all need it to continue doing what we do and to stay motivated. Therefore I’m very thankful for Nicklas 
family for choosing me and believing in me. I had the most incredible saturday. It filled my heart with so much
joy and thankfulness, and I now have the diploma on my billboard at my working desk to remind me that I
need to continue to fight for my dream and never give up. Also, I have to say that this is the most beautiful thing
I have ever won in my entire life. 


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Sep 012014

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I know that I’m sort of late with this post but things came in the way, so here we go today instead!
This is the newest dress in my collection. I saw it about three months ago in a swedish store called ”Indisika”
and I absolutely fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to purchase it (it was pricy before) and I
really didn’t think they would still sell it when I visit them the other day. But there it was. Glorious and on sale.
I literally gasped. Although it is slightly big on me and it was only medium and large left I felt like, well, I won’t
get this chance again so better take it, haha.

I wore this to a special event last saturday which I’m going to tell you about in my next post. It is super comfortable
and cute. And hey, who doesn’t like polka dots? Red might not be my favorite color, but when something has polka
dot on it, I just love it instantly. You can also see how my hair looks now, shorter and different. I have to admit
though, I kind of miss my long hair already but hair grows out and soon it will be long again!

Stay grand and I see you soon!

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Aug 282014

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Today was the day I got my haircut. Finally. After a year and a month of not going to the hairdresser it was finally
time to do something about my split ends and frizzy chaos. I took this picture this morning while waiting for the
bus together with my mother. The sky looked glorious!

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My beautiful, beautiful mother ♥

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This was the lunch my mother and I ate. I had a sandwich, Chai tea and water. Not what I normally eat and my
tummy aches a little bit now, but it was really delicious and since my mother and I don’t go have times like this
so often, I figured I needed to just celebrate.

So, let’s talk about my haircut. My hairdresser is a lovely and sweet person. She knows exactly what you mean
when you describe what you want and let me tell you, that is rare. Mostly hairdressers cut a little bit too much of
what you wanted or nothing like the picture you took with you to show but my hairdresser knows what I want
every time. And the fact that she is a sweetheart is such a nice bonus.

PicMonkey Collage

Here it is! Before and after. It is for sure a drastic change. I mean, I still have my bangs (which is really me and I
don’t think I’ll ever get rid of them) but she cut off about an inch and I feel like I just got lighter. I now have
something called volume in my hair, which didn’t really exist before and well, I just absolutely adore it.
I had a picture of Zooey Deschanel with me (because she has the most glorious hair) and all I basically said was
that I wanted a 60’s inspired hairstyle, like Zooey’s, blunt rounded bangs and to get rid of the split ends.

Around lunch we went to visit some shops to find a dress because on saturday I’m attending a important event
and I wanted something pretty. Especially now when I’ve changed my hair too. I found this amazing red, polkadot
dress on sale that I’ve been wanting to get for a long time now. I really thought the store didn’t sell it anymore, but
there it was. I’ll show a picture of it on saturday and also more pictures of my new hair.

Stay grand and see you soon!

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Aug 282014

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The best part about having dogs is not just the kisses or the insane wagging tails or the happy faces whenever you
get home, wake up or just walk in to the room where they are. I also love the way they sleep. But beware, my dogs
have incredibly cute.

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My oldest dog always sleeps in humanly positions. I mean, I sleep like this. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo
because he looks so adorable having is paw underneath his head like that. You know, sometimes he even sits
in this sofa, like we humans do. He is just the best old, little man.

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Well, what is there to say?
He always sleeps with this face. Squishy, fluffy and open mouth. Sometimes he even puts his tongue out. I have
not idea why he does it but he sure looks cute, and crazy. I couldn’t resist giving him kisses after snapping this
picture. His eyes went from completely close to all mighty open, haha.

They are just two of my best friends and I’m so happy for the joy they give me every single day. oh, by the way, as
you might noticed I did this post entirely in english. I figured that since a lot more english speaking people are
visiting my blog now, I felt that it was more appropriate to write completely in english. That doesn’t mean I will
quit writing in swedish though, I might post some swedish posts at times!

Stay grand and see you soon!

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