Dec 152014

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I’ve noticed that people are gradually putting up their christmas trees. In my family we usually wait until the third
sunday before christmas (we have Advent in Sweden, I don’t know if you celebrate it anywhere else though) but
this year we decided to put our tree up earlier than usual and it has been so wonderful. There’s nothing more cosy
than a christmas tree, the small fairy lights and the cute little ornaments. And every time you look at it you get
a jolly feeling inside, filled with excitement.

It’s only one week left now, can you believe it?
It felt like it was months left just a minute ago and now it’s just around the corner. You can almost smell it. The
grocery stores are starting to fill themselves up with christmas food. There are christmas fairs every weekend.
They no longer play ordinary music on the radio, and in some way everyone seems more jolly and excited for things.
Or maybe it’s just me. I love this time of the year.


My little brother and I started the christmas cheer with this film. I usually don’t like The Grinch. I usually feel
like there are other christmas related films that are better, but this year I just needed it, haha. I sort of realized
whilst watching it that it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen it that I forgot most of it.
So I fell in love with it all over again, and I wish I could wear clothes like theirs. And hairstyles like theirs.

Another thing that makes me really excited about christmas is the dress I recently bought that I have yet to show
on my blog. It’s like a christmas ornament in itself and probably one of the most flattering dresses I own.
Don’t worry, I’ll make a blog post about it soon. Christmas eve need to pass by first because that’s when I’m planning
to wear it.

I hope you all are having a good week so far and that you are feeling jolly and excited for christmas.
I see you guys soon and stay grand!

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Dec 072014

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Christmas is slowly settling in our apartment and I feel more jolly and festive for each day that passes.
The only thing that’s missing now is snow. A lot of it. It’s still warm enough for it to rain here in Sweden and from
past experiences, it might not even come any snow at all until January. Well well, let’s make the best of what we

This weekend has been slow and cosy and lovely all at once. Mum and I took a long walk in the afternoon sun on
Saturday and christmas isn’t just settling in our apartment, but also outside. During our walk I managed to see a
man land-skiing, which I personally think is very cool. I also saw a family getting their christmas tree ready outside
in their garden, which felt almost like an Amercian christmas film. And let’s not forget the beautiful ornaments
people have hanged outside, in the trees, on their windows and on their doors. It makes me so happy.

We also had some family quality time and made this cute little gingerbread house. It was my second time making one
in my entire life and so you can guess that I was really excited. Family time is the loveliest time and also very needed
in times like these when life can get very stressful.

What did you do this weekend? Have you decorated your house yet or baked any christmas biscuits?
I really want to hear what you all been up too. Until next time, see you soon and stay grand!

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Dec 042014

I know, I know! It’s been such a long time since I uploaded a video to my channel and I guess there is no real
excuse for why I haven’t just recorded. School, no inspiration and other things has sort of come in the way.

However, I have (since October) planned to make a holiday cover because of my love for christmas, and so I chose
to sing this song. Probably not the most traditional christmas carol you’ve heard, but it is my favorite. It always
makes me smile. I hope you guys enjoy it and feel free to leave a comment below or on my youtube!

See you soon and stay grand!

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Dec 042014

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Christmas reading is probably one of the loveliest things there is. Reading in itself is already lovely and then when
you combine it with christmas and christmas stories, everything gets cosy. I’m trying to reach my goal to read 30
books this year and so far I only have one more book to read, which is really exciting.

Before finishing the book you can see on the pictures, I read a lovely book called ”My true love gave to me” and
it’s filled with holiday related stories from a bunch of wonderful authors. It’s a really cute and unique book, you
should definitely give it a go if you can. If you want to know more about that book, click here. 

This book however is not as recent as the one previously mentioned. I got it a long time ago from my mother’s aunt
as a gift and around that I guess I wasn’t much of a bookworm and only put it on my shelf. I found it this summer
and I’ve saved to read until now(mostly because it has some christmas-y parts in it). It turned out that my great grandmother
owned this once back when it was published, which was 1951. How cool is that?
The sheet is so fragile at some parts that holding this book was rather scary but oh, it has such a cute story in it and I loved
the beautiful illustrations. I believe the english title is ”Practically Seventeen”, if you want to look for it.
I have mine in the swedish edition, which is so lovely. The way they wrote back then is so different from how we write
and speak now.

That’s all, see you soon and stay grand!

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Dec 012014


It’s finally december. What I have waited. And I guess some of you might think, ”oh she is alive” and yes,
I did disappear for a while. Mostly because I haven’t been photographing anything at all for the last month and
what do I blog about when life only involve school work and pajama days. But I’ll try to be active now.
It’s after all only one month left of this year, better make the best of it!

December for me is christmas. I’m one of those people that starts getting excited for christmas even before
Halloween arrives, and when december is finally here all I do is talk about christmas. I am that annoying person, yes.
I can’t even listen to ”ordinary” music at the moment because all I want to hear is christmas carols.
I just love it. I love the smell, the christmas food, marathons of christmas films airing on television, snow
(which we haven’t got yet and I’m waiting eagerly for), shopping presents and getting excited for your loved ones
reactions, christmas fairs, the music, the jolly atmosphere and lastly christmas. For me this truly is the best time of the year.

I’ve already bought most of my gifts for this year, which is really nice. I have a few more gifts that I’m gonna handmake
and that I’m very excited about as well. I also only have three weeks left of college work before christmas break!!

But if there’s one thing I want for december is for it to be a positive and happy month. A lot of smiles, a lot of creativity
time and a lot of days feeling glad. I want to enjoy this month. I want to enjoy it as much as I possibly can and that I will.
So, Welcome December. I’ve been waiting a whole year for you to come again.

Stay grand everyone.

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Nov 152014


TCM managed to air this on a day when I was very sad and did this cheer me up? Yes.
Was it cheerful, bright, funny and adorable? Yes. Do I have a crush on young Frank Sinatra? Yes.

I don’t know what to say really. I’m just sort of stunned over how much I loved it and needed it.
If you love films that are funny, cute, bright, cheerful, filled with music and dance and beautiful faces
then you should watch this.

Seeing Gene dance makes me want to be able to dance more gracefully (I can dance, it just
doesn’t look as graceful as I’d hope, haha) and hearing Frank sing one of my favorite love
song (”I fall in love too easily”), well, that is sort of good to be true. And it’s all in this film.

Also, before I go let me just tell you one thing.  Gene has a smile that can light up an entire room and
Frank has eyes as blue as the ocean in Greece. Just saying. Stay grand and see you soon!

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Nov 152014

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”This autumn came with the color grey mixed with the leaves on the ground and all I could do was to just stare 
blankly ahead and move forward.” A lot has changed. Not just with this autumn but this year. My mother mentioned
it the other day. ”A lot of things have happened to you this year”, she said. And I nodded and mmh-ed.

It is true. A lot of things has changed. The list would be so long I’d probably fill more than two pages. And even
if I used to be the person who’d hate changes, it hasn’t done much harm on me. I’ve grown. I’ve become stronger.
I’ve cried many tears, oh yes, but I have fought. I know now though, that without my mother I wouldn’t have done

The last months has been tough ones. In fact, ever since I graduated school life has been pretty tough to deal with but I’ve
carried myself through it. Every part of it. I’ve been lost, splattered pieces of myself on the floor. I’ve picked up the
pieces and slowly tried to put the together again. Sometimes I meet the wrong edges, sometimes the right ones.
But to feel how much stronger I’m getting every day, how I’m no longer a weak bird with a broken wing but a strong
human with a determent mind. That is a wonderful feeling.

This week a important person in my family passed away. It was very shocking for me to suddenly deal with death.
It has never happened for me before and I guess I thought that it only happened to others. But then it
happened and I realized how strange it is that a person you’ve known your whole life can be here one day and be
gone the next. It frightens me in a very odd way. All of a sudden I know how it feels. And it punched me hard in the

I’m walking towards better and for that I’m very proud. My blog is my happy place and I’m sorry I rarely write. I
just had to find that happy place again and slowly get back. I want to use this to place express myself and reach out to
people. Thank you for reading. I promise I’ll try to write less poetic posts very soon.

Stay grand and I see you soon.

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Nov 152014

My dear friend Jenni created a project called ”The selfie project”. It’s all about self-love and appreciating
who you are. I have always thought that being who you truly are is the most important thing so I just
had to participate. Jenni basically asked us to send her a selfie of ourselves and then answer the following
sentence, ”Name one thing you love about yourself.”

At first it was hard for me to name just one thing, which is oddly surprising. I used to hate everything I saw
in the mirror. And this was two years ago. I used to think that I wasn’t good enough, not pretty enough, not skinny
enough etcetera. But throughout the last years I’ve slowly walked towards feeling better. Loving yourself
shouldn’t be so hard, but yes, the sad truth is that it takes quite some time to just accept yourself.

I just decided one day that I would stop pity myself for everything, stop dress up for someone else, stop
trying to impress people I don’t even know and just be the beautiful me that I am, but for me only, stop
feeling constant anxiety about my body, stop feeling bad over all.
From that day I worked forward. Sure, I had bad days, real bad days. I still do. But I’ve never stopped working
forward. You need to love yourself first before you can love someone else. That might sound like a cliché quote
for some, but it is the truth and you know it deep down.

So when I got the question, or statement, to name one thing I love about myself I truly sat down and started
to think about myself. I realized how beautiful I truly am. With my big blue-green eyes that keep changing with the
light, my dimple on the left side of my cheek, my birthmark that look like it’s part of the world map, my long but
stable legs, my long but beautiful arms, my cheeks that are high and looks like bits of apples every time I smile.
I choose to write my eyes, because they are the reflection of my soul and my most beautiful feature.
The feature I’m most proud of. I don’t know but in some way I just always loved them. Adored them.
And I’m happy they are there and functioning well.

For my personality, there is so much that I love. If I would meet myself I would probably fall in love with my personality.
I love my quirky, sweet, kind, creative, serious, quiet, positive and beautiful personality. I would never trade it with anyone.
I love that I’m a dreamer. I love that I’m an observer. People sometimes call me a ”wallflower” and I see it as a compliment.

So what I truly want to say with this post is to love. Love yourself. Throw kindness around you like confetti. One of
my favorite quotes but it’s very true. Love every bits of you and don’t be embarrassed to. Some days will be harder
than others but you will get back on track. Always know that you are beautiful!

Be sure to read Jenni’s wonderful blog post here.  

Stay grand and see you soon!

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Nov 132014

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A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through pinterest (you can find my account here) and I was looking at
different wristwatches and find this old looking clock with a 80’s touch to it. I asked mum about it and she
immediately told me it was a swatch clock and that she used to have a lot of those when she was younger.
My first thought was that I wouldn’t find swatch clocks anywhere now but to my surprise you can still buy them.
On their actual site. And there are tons of different, glorious clocks. Some are quite pricey and some not.

This one, that I purchase, is the Miss Fraise one. It is really nice on the wrist and cute and lovely and I just really
love it. Right after I bought this, they launched one with bananas that I like too. Favorite fruits and wristband clocks
are a nice combination.

It arrived nicely in the beginning of this week and I’ve been wearing it ever since. I didn’t even know how much I
missed having a wristband clock until now. It’s so nice to have the time on your arm whenever you need it, instead of
having to find your phone when you need to know the time. And it’s adorable too, which makes it even better.

Stay grand and see you soon!

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Nov 132014


This is such a cute, different and lovely film.
Great music, wonderful and quirky characters, romance,  seriousness and my favorite
kind of fashion. This inspired me quite a lot. I also fell in love with Olly Alexander’s
incredibly curly hair. It definitely made me want to get a 60’s inspired fashion style even more.

When I first saw the trailer of this film, I knew that I needed to watch it. I knew it was
a film that I would like and I sure was right. Did I know it would be a musical? no, not at
all, which made the film even better. I spent last night listening to the soundtrack on repeat.
I’m surprised over what a great singer Emily Browning is. This is just a swell film, go watch it.

Stay grand and see you soon!

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