Jun 212015

This is the most recent cover I’ve made. I was requested to sing a Ben Howard song quite
some time ago but felt rather discouraged when going through his songs. I felt as though
I wouldn’t do them justice. When I finally found The Wolves I fell instantly and knew that this
would be a great song to experiment with. This is the end result. Recording a new cover after
not doing it for a long time is very strange. What normally would take me a couple of hours, took
me two days. But I did have fun and I do like how it all came out to be. I hope you enjoy this!
Stay positive and be kind!

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Jun 212015

I’ve been trying to write a post plenty of times this week but I can’t seem to come up with
something to write. Neither did I manage to snap that many photographs, only a few. But
as this week has been filled with a lot of thoughts and reminiscing about past memories, I
thought I’d share a few things that has been on my mind.

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  • Summer really has arrived. Although the weather seems to tell the opposite, I do feel
    that it’s really here. Falling asleep to night skies without the night in it is also rather
  • My newest neighbour, a lovely elder lady, she often speaks to me and mum whenever we
    are about to go for a walk. She had a friend over the other day and they were giggling, and
    that made me think of how no matter how old we are, we are always young at heart.


  • My oldest dog is one of my favorite creatures on this planet. He has more personality
    than some people I have met. There is no one else that is more happy to see me, cuddles
    me or comforts me more when I am sad than my dearest Viggo. Sometimes I look at him
    and I ache because of all the love I feel for him.
  • Isn’t it weird how we meet a person one time and then never again?
    Who knows, maybe we pass them by without noticing, maybe they are on the same bus
    or in the same building without us knowing. I think about all the people I’ve met once
    and never again. Some of them made such a big impact on me that I sometimes wonder
    where they are now, wonder what they are doing, what they are experiencing, what they
    are feeling. Wonder if I’ll ever see them again.


  • I’m consuming time with books. All kinds of books. And I realise that my love for
    books has always been there with me. When I was young, 9 or 10 years old, my mum
    and dad used to take me to the library a lot and I remember always having a list with
    me of books I had seen in magazines or other places. And then I would always borrow
    at least 8-10 books and not even really read all of them. I just loved the feeling of being
    able to borrow a story and then return it for someone else to read. (Although, maybe
    I didn’t think in this exact way when I was ten, but I did love stories and I did love the
  • I watched Cinderella this Friday and I thought that the main messages of the film really
    caught me – ”Have courage and be kind”. Although, this might seem as a cliché quote,
    I really think it is that simple – to have courage and be kind.

I know this post was rather different from my others but I don’t really have any interesting to
write about at the moment. A lot of exciting things are yet to come though and so I think I will
get in to writing more here soon. Maybe even with photographs. We’ll see!
I hope you are having a ravishing week and weekend so far. Stay positive and be kind!

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Jun 142015


”If I peed my pants would you pretend that I just got wet from the rain?”

I know I’m 5 years too late to the party but this film is just pure entertainment.
Wonderful casting, amazingly edited and hilarious dialogues. When I say hilarious,
I really mean hilarious. Some of the scenes in this made me literally laugh so loud
my family came in to my room asking what I was doing. I also honestly didn’t think
I would like it as much as I did. It really took me by surprised. Such a gem!
If you haven’t seen it yet, do it now and be late to the party with me.

See you soon and stay positive!

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Jun 052015

You know when that feeling when find a band and you fall in love with them instantly and
they become your little treasure. Well, Kodaline is that band for me. They are an Irish indie-rock
band that I found out about in 2013 when they released their debut single, and ever since then
they’ve become very important to me. Whenever I need to be cheered up, lifted up or encouraged,
I turned to their music. And in all honesty, I feel that there’s no other band that touches my heart
as much as these lads do. They are just so much more than a band.

Today they released two live sessions on their youtube channel and I just instantly felt that I
needed to talk about them on my blog. Because Kodaline is that kind of band that is wonderful
digitally, on a record, but FANTASTIC and rather brilliant live. This song is called ”Ready” and
is one of my favorite tracks from their recent album ”Coming up for air”. It’s definitely a song
that encourages me to just get out and seek adventures.

This song gives me goose-pimples every time I hear it, and I swear that this is the 50th time
I’ve listened to it since the album came out. I even know it by heart, and it’s definitely such a
marvelous love song.

For me, Kodaline is the kind of band I found right when I needed to and ever since then their
music has helped me through so many hardships and joys. My goal is to see them live one day
and maybe even get the chance to tell them how much I appreciate and support their music.
If you haven’t heard their music yet, you definitely should check them out. I swear, there’s not
one single bad song on their albums.

Overall, my online course ended today and my ”holiday” has officially started. I’m so proud of
myself for getting through it even if I wanted to give up a couple of times. Now I’m ”ready” (get it?!)
to make the best out of this summer and just enjoy every bit of it.

Stay positive!

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Jun 032015

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Let’s talk books, cause who doesn’t love them?
As I’m a fan of monthly favorites, I thought I’d share two of the books I fell in love with this month.

All my friends are superheroes by Andrew Kaufman
The story follows Tom, whose friends are all superheroes. In fact, he even married a superhero,
the Perfectionist. On their wedding day, The Perfectionist gets hypnotized by her old ex-boyfriend,
the Hypno, and suddenly believes that Tom has disappeared. To her, he is invisible, and throughout
the book Tom desperately tries to find a way to get his wife to realise he has been there all the time.

Not only does this book have the most glorious title, it also has the loveliest story. I love the fact
that every character has a superpower that normally would be seen as a flaw or rather insane.
My favorite character must be the Spooner, who instantly feels when someone needs to be spooned
and then secretly comes in to them at night, spoon them, and walks out before the awaken.
I also fell in love with Andrew’s style of writing. It’s so different, unique, beautiful and easy to get
stuck in. I loved it so much that I’m planning on reading a few of his other books, and I’m currently
waiting for my local library to get Born Weird in their stock. So excited!

More Than This by Patrick Ness
Now this book I don’t want to tell you too much about for the reason that you get the best out of
it if you start reading it without knowing anything at all. That’s what I did, and I’m truly glad for
that. Here is the synopsis though (it doesn’t really give out much of the story, so I’ll leave it here):

” A boy drowns, desperate and alone in his final moments. He dies.
Then he wakes, naked and bruised and thirsty, but alive.
How can this be? And what is this strange deserted place?
As he struggles to understand what is happening, the boy dares to hope.
Might this not be the end? Might there be more to this life, or perhaps this afterlife?”

This is the second book I’ve read by Patrick Ness so far and all I can say is that this man is a
genius. He knows how to come up with original, intense and incredible stories. The chapters in
this are very cleverly divided, leaving you gasping for air from all the suspense. He’s a master at
plot twists, leaving you thinking you know how the book will end but then BAM, it all changes.
This one is very philosophical, almost life-changing, and it definitely makes you reevaluating
things in your own life. I will not say anything more than that. Read it, you won’t regret it!

That’s all for now, stay positive!

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Jun 032015

PicMonkey Collage
Photos: here, here, here, here, here, here.

I thought that I’d write about something that is really important to me, and that I know is very
important to other people as well – photographing. Documenting your life. Keeping memories,
feelings and moments in picture form.

Personally, I’ve been photographing through my entire teenage years but recently I feel as though
I’ve stopped. I was going through my hard drive a while ago and saw the amount of photographs
I snapped during 2013-2014, getting overwhelmed by all the memories they hold, and then when I
saw the emptiness of my 2015 folder, I got quite upset. I want to keep documenting moments and
keep memories in such a form. Especially now when I will start studying more music on an actual
university college in august. So what is the best way to get me motivated to start photographing

I started by looking at and reading a lot of different blogs focusing on daily photographing. Blogs
where people basically take photos of their life spontaneously and is ”telling” quite a story. Like I do
on my blog as well, but not really on the same level as other blogs. I find spontaneous photographing,
such you snap right on the spot without no real idea or thought so much more beautiful and vulnerable
than people posing in different sceneries. But then again, this doesn’t mean that I think photographs
with models or poses is less beautiful. I just want to focus on spontaneous photographing.

I’ve also started looking for an actual camera. I’ve been snapping photographs with my
Iphone 5c for all my blog posts and of course you can take really good pictures with such a
device as well. But I’m just longing for an actual camera to hold on to, that aims to take
actual photographs and nothing else. Right now, I’ve fallen for the Fujifilm x30. It has so
many wonderful features and a beautiful layout, reminding me of a retro camera from the
golden days. It has a view finder, which I really want as I feel it’s hard to work with
LCD-screens in the sunlight. The fujifilm x30 can give me that and so much more, and
I hope and wish to get it. I think it would help me a lot!

I hope this post didn’t bore you out too much. It’s just something I’ve had in my thoughts
for a while now and that I felt I really wanted to write about. Do you have any good tips on
how to get motivated to start photographing again? Maybe it’s as easy as just taking a photo,
just snapping it, or maybe it needs more tricks. What do you guys think?

I wish you all a great week and I’ll be back soon, stay positive!

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Jun 012015

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Barefaced, poor photo quality and still in my pajamas, but who cares when I got accepted to
the school I applied to!! I’m so relieved and happy and ecstatic. The amount of stress I’ve
been going through not knowing what I would do this autumn and now I have it all planned.
In a place I really felt good in. Getting accepted means so much more to me than just studying
songwriting and performing. For me it means a new, fresh start. Meeting people, getting new
experiences, be happier. June couldn’t have started better.

This means I can relax and really enjoy this summer. Spending time with my family, traveling
to Stockholm to see dad and grandma and my stepmom, and possibly my sister if she isn’t in
Japan. Possibly also getting a camera and pick up photographing again. Ahh, I’m just so happy.
This post is going nowhere but yeah, I think you get it. I’m just really happy.

Stay positive and positive things will happen (how cliche that might sound it’s true).

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Maj 262015

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Mum surprised me with cactuses and succulents today. Aren’t they beautiful?
I’ve been wanting cactuses for such a long time now, I find that it’s the most charming
plant there is. Some might say ugly, I say different. And different can be very glorious in
my eyes. To be honest, I used to not pay attention to plants before. When I was younger I had
so many other things things in my busy mind but now I love plants. Maybe it’s the old lady
growing in me, or maybe it’s just the fact that spring is making everything pretty and that
made me appreciate plants a lot more. I don’t really know, I just know I love these.
Maybe I should name my cactuses something charming, what do you guys think?

How are your week so far?
I handed in my last assignment today. The course I’m studying online ends next friday
and I’m just so ready for it to be over. Also, the whole waiting for an answer whether I will
get accepted to this new school or not is rather nerve-wrecking. I can’t stop thinking about it.
I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far and I’ll see you soon. Stay positive!

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Maj 222015

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Yesterday I went on some adventures together with my ukulele. I had an important audition
for this college/university I’ve applied to. The actual school building is about 10-15 mins from
my apartment and is located on the top of these cliffs, so there’s basically ocean view everywhere.
Even the walk there is lovely, especially during this time of the year. The course I’m applying to
is a one-year singer/songwriter course, something I’m very passionated about and want to dig
deeper in to and learn a lot more about.

For those who wonder the audition went well. I had a long day and I had to do a lot of
waiting but I met some lovely people and I had a wonderful time there. I just have this feeling
that I will truly like it there. It’s a perfect college/university for me as person so I’m just hoping
deeply that I will get accepted. In two weeks I will get the answer if I’ve gotten accepted or not.

Nonetheless, it’s been a productive week. Only two more weeks of studying the current course I’m
taking and then summer finally begins. I’m so ready! Stay positive, everyone!

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Maj 162015

I haven’t uploaded on my youtube for two months or so because of the fact that keeping up
with youtube was just adding more stress to my pile. For a while I just decided to put it aside,
focus on other things and come back when I felt ready again. I want youtube to be a happy and
enjoyable thing, not a burden or stressful.

I wasn’t really planning on uploading anything this week either but whilst I was going
through some old covers I came across this and I’d totally forgotten I’d recorded it.
So I thought, let’s give it a try. If I don’t enjoy it, then I leave it for some more time. But I actually
enjoyed it and filmed two videos. The other one will be up next week.

I hope you enjoy this. I adore this song, maybe because I adore Frank and because it’s so simple
and lovely. I’d love to read what you think!

Stay positive!

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